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High North National Park Restoration

Restoration of over 20 keystone tree species to the High North Nation Park.


Bird Conservation

KIDO staff, volunteers, facilitators, students, teachers and community members observed resident and migratory birds at the wetland of Petit Carenage Lilet Sanctuary.

scaly-naped pigeon  (Patagioenas squamosa).JPG

Nature Guide and Teacher Training

A Nature Guide Training course, organized and run by the KIDO Foundation, with the support of the Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) and Caribbean Aqua Terrestrial Solutions (CATS).

Pre-Covid High North hike training guides first level 226 meters high copy.jpg

Petit Carenage Mangrove Restoration

Using natural-based solutions to restore wetland ecosystems and prevent coastal erosion in Petit Carenage.

Sanctuary sign.JPG

Sea Turtle Conservation

Monitoring nesting Sea Turtles in the proposed National Park area of High North, in Carriacou and adjacent relevant nesting beaches.

Marine bologist Piero gazes at the hawksbill after her nesting feat. (Photo L.Zelaya).jpg

Youth Awareness

Students learning about the causes and effects of climate change on the planet and their island - their lives.


Women Capacity Development Workshop

The Capacity Development Workshop for women, held at KIDO Environmental Learning Centre, trained 15 women in the design and production of upcycled grocery and fashion bags.


Signs and Structures

Across the High North Lilet Sanctuary wooden gazebos, bird observatory, hideout benches and walkways have been placed to increase accessibility and promote Carriacou's eco-trails.

Entering the High North-Anse La Roche Forest zone, since 2000, the eco information booth a
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