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About YWF-Kido Foundation

KIDO Foundation is a non-governmental organization (NGO), registered in Grenada since 1995. Since then we have successfully implemented 20 conservation projects, most with strong educational focus. At KIDO, we are passionate about the planet and the role of young people in the creation of a sustainable future for Carriacou and islands everywhere.

KIDO Foundation is the recipient of CTO (Caribbean Tourism Organisation) 2019 Nature Conservation Award

August 2019 article of Grenada newspaper mentioning KIDO’s conservation efforts and award:

Our Motto

The social and the environmental must now come together, indeed, they should have never been apart

Our Mission Statement

To preserve the natural ecosystems, fauna and flora, encouraging sustainable development of the Southern Grenadines through conservation activities, environmental research, youth education, IT, micro enterprises and eco-tourism.

We believe by our actions we are are making significant strides in lifting the consciousness of minds, young and old, to the importance of Nature, in particular to the sustenance of island people. YWF-KIDO is about Youth, Wildlife and Flora - all our efforts are towards influencing new levels of appreciation for the natural surroundings we live in.

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