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Bird Monitoring & Conservation

KIDO staff, volunteers, facilitators, students, teachers and community members observed resident and migratory birds at the wetland of Petit Carenage Lilet Sanctuary and several other key locations on the island (Limlair Big Pond, Roseau Pond - in Brunswick-, Lauriston Point mangroves, White and Saline offshore islets).

48 different species of birds, some known to migrate yearly from Alaska (such as the curved beak whimbrel) were identified, with photographic evidence for most of the species.

407 students, 25 teachers and 14 community members participated in bird watch field trips and related conservation activities in two years, involving Carriacou and Petite Martinique's 6 primary schools.

The students were keen to preserve avian fauna by conserving their natural habitats (mangrove ecosystem, beaches and marine environment), and participated in the production of dozens of small houses for resident birds, made of recycled wood and calabash gourds. Some of the birdhouses were placed under the eaves of the public schools roofs and on trees.

The Carriacou Bird Watch Club, a first for the island, was established, giving the opportunity to junior and senior members to participate in bird watching field trips to rarely visited beautiful locations with a wealth of wildlife to observe and ID.

By studying first hand the behavior of birds (using binoculars and a telescope), and their connection with the natural environment, the students changed their traditional predatorial culture with a better informed understanding and attitude. They now promote birds and island biodiversity conservation at a wider social level.

L'Ilet 'Ghost ship' wreck
L'Ilet - Royal tern
Red-billed tropicbird (Phaethon aethereu
Mt Pleasant school, the owlhouse 1
Mt Pleasant school, placing the owlhouse
Rescued juvenile scaly-naped pigeon  (Pa
Bird watching at Petit Carnage
L'Ilet - Bird Watching Tower
Bird Watching at Saline island
Brown Pelican at White island
Bird watching at Saline island
Petit Carenage, Bird Sanctuary - Ruddy T
Bird Conservation at KIDO
Nikki draws her blue bird at KIDO
Birdhouse model
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