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Our Projects

Biodiversity Conservation in Carriacou through Nesting Sea Turtle Monitoring, Wetland Bird Watching, Mangrove and Forest Restoration 

Changing attitudes and actions, and lifting awareness, occur when we observe first hand and with new eyes the living creatures we once ignored or hunted. We then discover their true beauty, while understanding the threats that they and their habitats are facing through the selfish actions of humans. Only then we find the motivation to seek solutions to preserve their lives and ours, for we are inextricably connected in the wider web of life.

Youths can be natural leaders who understand the need to extend conservation actions globally as well as locally to restore the natural environment, to preserve endangered species and biodiversity and to spread messages of conservation and preservation at the social level.

This project is special because it gave us the opportunity to link in several ways environmental conservation with community socio-economic advancement. Students, teachers, educators and community members, especially women, started to engage in the challenging task of finding solutions to the environmental problems affecting our island.  We see potential solutions emerging through hands-on conservation activities and the creation of sustainable micro-enterprise opportunities, which would generate economic benefits and social transformation.

Kids discover that it can be cool to respect and preserve nature and wildlife. School teachers, principals and educators are finding that by promoting care for the island's natural environment in the classroom complements school curriculum.

Women are re-discovering the real value of working together, sharing skills within the local community. They endeavor to form a work organization that will sustain them and their families, providing training and employment opportunities for the younger generation.

Teachers, educators and women showed genuine interest in this project and participated consistently. The project is a successful experience to be continued in L'Ilet Sanctuary and High North National Park and replicated by other community based organizations who live in similar environments with similar conservation challenges under the menace of Global Warming.



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