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Eco-Structures & Interpretive Signs

A wooden turtle-gazebo, bird observatory & hideout bench and a walkway across a critically inundated area were built and are connected through 2 km of eco-trail. Twenty-three (23) interpretive signs were created and placed along the eco-trail, on the bird observatory, hideout and the turtle gazebo, with printed interpretive cards and posters about sea turtles, birds & mangroves.

The beach turtle gazebo is used by KIDO Nesting Turtle Monitoring Team during their night & early morning patrols and provides the local communities, families & children, with a safe and sheltered space for daytime recreation.

The tall bird observatory and wetland level hideout are ideal spots along the Petit Carenage Bird Sanctuary eco-trails for watching and studying wetland, marine and forest birds of the Grenadines.

The wooden (unobtrusive) structures, the trails and signage posts help to promote safe recreational and nature oriented educational activities, informing the public about sea turtles, birds, biodiversity and habitat conservation. The Sanctuary also promotes further development of an eco-tourism economy, through bird and turtle watching tours and related sustainable income generating activities for the communities involved (guides, taxi operators, guest houses, hotels, restaurants, local handicraft production, maintenance and beautification jobs, wardens, local researchers and natural science scientists, educators, etc.).

High North peak 956ft, interpretive pane
Along Old Island Road, on a leaning Momb
The main animal pond (presently dry in n
The Giraffe Tree is a tucked away surpri
Buttress-root Genipa Americana is an imp
Historic ruin  along HN nature trail
Nature trail entrance
Restored Map of Petit Carenage Mangrove,
The new Turtle Gazebo
The new Turtle Gazebo
L'Ilet - Bird Watching tower
Renewed Viewfinder of the Northern Grena
Bird watching from the tower
Red Mangrove plantation in Petit Carenag
L'Ilet - Tidal pool sign
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