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Mangrove restoration at L'Ilet Wetland Sanctuary

Mangrove forests are one of the world's most threatened tropical ecosystems.

In Carriacou we have 3 main types of mangroves:

  • White, in the drier coastal areas 

  • Black, in the semi-inundated area, with aerial roots emerging from the soil

  • Red, in the mostly inundated area, with long arching roots and propagules (viviparous "seeds") pending from the branches

90% of the coastal fish are born and/or take shelter within the mangrove ecosystem, when mangroves are destroyed fish population is destroyed with it.

Mangroves, along sandy beaches, seagrass beds and coastal coral reefs are natural stabilizers and protectors of the coastline from tsunami and storms, they also act as filters of runoff land sediments, thus protecting the corals from being smothered by excess sediments causing discoloring of the water (which reduces the penetration of light rays).

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